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The life of human beings always revolves around certain relationships. All these relationships are important as he shares his joy, sorrow, pain, and all other sentiments with them. These relationships start building right from the birth and it keeps on increasing with his age. His bond with those people also strengthens with his age. He, virtually, cannot ignore any relationship as he becomes habituated of those men and women. This is how human beings live in the society and carries out his duties and responsibilities here.

This relationship requires a deep sense of faith and dependability upon each other. Generally, it is found that women take the initiative and make the men fall in love with them. They know how to make men fall in love. However, it is a secret fact that such a relationship lasts long or may be forever that is initiated by the women.

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Sometimes, such a relationship does not survive due to the lack of understanding between them. It is also found that her relationship with a married man does not stand for a long time, as it is not based upon realism and, therefore, lack solidness and competence. Such a relationship is looked down upon by others and they do not get a respectable status in the society.

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A true relationship comes from the heart and the more you love someone the more beautiful they become.